Statement from the University on Leaked Report

by March 27, 2022

The University of the West Indies expresses deep concern about the leaked report pertaining to an inquiry by an independent review committee within the University to examine aspects of its human resource framework.

The Final Report was submitted to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor on March 17, 2022 under strict security protocols. The Vice-Chancellor has not yet seen the report as he has been traveling; nor have members of the University’s executive management team; as his instruction was that the document be quarantined until his return to office.

On reading the article carried in the Sunday Gleaner, dated Sunday March 27, 2022, he expressed his disappointment and disgust at the reprehensible leak of a confidential document. He indicated that Chair of the independent HR Review Committee, Mr Milton Samuda and he, had both gone to great lengths to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the reporting process.

The Vice-Chancellor further stated that he assured many principal stakeholders of the University that the Report, contrary to speculative media stories, was intended to give advice to management on how to strengthen industrial relations procedures.

The Vice-Chancellor concluded that the University will have to review its internal processes to ensure that its confidential deliberations are not leaked.