The One-UWI Graduate Student Conference announces outstanding Oral Presentations

by December 21, 2023

The “One-UWI Postgraduate Student Conference” is thrilled to announce the outstanding Oral Presentations that captivated attendees during the recently concluded three-day online event hosted by the School for Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR).

This notable recognition celebrates the excellence demonstrated by the graduate students across diverse programmes and campuses, and contributed to the success of the conference, held from November 15-17, 2023 under the theme “Preparing for the New Global Era: Voices of Future Leaders.”

After its careful consideration and evaluation by an esteemed panel of judges, the following presentations have been recognised as the best in their respective categories:

Session NameFaculty/CampusAbstract Title
Session 1: Danielle EvansonFST, Cave Hill CampusPolicy and professional perspectives on Barbados’ sustainable transport transition 
Climate Resilience in Developing Countries
Session 1: Tracy MarshallFFA, St. Augustine CampusAn investigation into risk governance processes to encourage behaviour change to reduce disaster risk: A case study of Barbados 
Climate Resilience in Developing Countries
Session 2: Jenna-Marie ThongsFST, St. Augustine CampusArsenic in Poultry, a contributor to chronic diseases in Trinidad and Tobago.
Food Security for Reduction of Vulnerability
Session 3: Angela Rankine-MullingsFMS, Mona CampusStroke in the young: Understanding the role of arterial stiffness in children with sickle cell anaemia based on Transcranial Doppler velocity defined stroke categories.
Achieving Good Health for All
Session 3: Gervonne BarranFST, St. Augustine CampusNature-inspired therapeutic agents: antimicrobial peptides from frog skin secretions.
Achieving Good Health For All
Session 4: Sian RamdassFST, St. Augustine CampusUnlocking nature’s pharmacy: plant-based treatments for prostate cancer.
Nature as a Solution for Sustainable Development
Session 5: Candia JamesFSS, St. Augustine CampusNetwork Diplomacy: A Social Network Analysis of Network Communication in Diplomatic Networks.
Digital Transformation for the 21st Century
Session 6: Dena SpenceFSS, Mona CampusRevisiting the Definition of Unemployment: An Application to Jamaica.
Governance and Labour Market Issues in Small States
Session 7: Marjorie HyltonFHE, Mona CampusHear Our Children's Cries’: Unearthing the Narratives of Jamaican Parents of Autism.
Social and Cultural Issues in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
Session 8: Alexandra TillettFSS, Cave Hill CampusDo perceptions matter? Corruption Perceptions and Confidence in Government: Evidence from Belize.
Law and Order for Sustainable Development
Session 9: Alicia HospedalesFST, St. Augustine CampusExploring the Criminological Construction and Measurement of Child Sexual Abuse: A Mixed Methods Study of School Professionals’ Knowledge, Beliefs and Responses.
Contemporary Educational Issues: Diverse Perspectives
Session 10: Alicia HaynesIGDS, Cave Hill CampusShifting Gender Landscapes: Social Media Platforms, Caribbean Feminism and Women’s Digital Practices in Caribbean Publics.
Transforming Identities: Empowerment, Activism and Representation
Session 10: Alana SmithFHE, St. Augustine CampusHIV, the media, and you: A case study of HIV reporting in The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited.
Transforming Identities: Empowerment, Activism and Representation