UWI Medical Alumni Association execs raise 1.5 million USD for scholarships and bursaries

by February 1, 2024

The UWI, Regional Headquarters, Jamaica. Wednesday, January 30, 2024— The University of the West Indies Medical Alumni Association (UWIMAA) has announced that it met its fundraising goal of 1.5 million USD, which will enable it to establish an endowment. This goal was achieved through a combination of cash and firm pledges.

After partnering with the University’s Institutional Advancement Division in September 2021, the newly established UWIMAA executives set their sights on establishing an endowment. One month later, an MOU was signed with the University, initiating the Endowment with a few significant donations from generous alumni such as Dr. Farley Gleghorn (Class of 1983) and Dr. Doyle Slifer (Class of 1968). To date, there have been 179 donations, with all but three coming from alumni and a single contribution from a corporate entity.

The interest earned from the UWIMAA Endowment will primarily provide scholarships and bursaries to medical students and support The UWI Faculties of Medical Sciences.

Sir George Alleyne, Chair of the UWIMAA’s Endowment Committee and Chancellor Emeritus of The UWI.

“We are delighted to have attained our goal and look forward to pursuing a new one. We are confident that this endowment, which is invested through The UWI Regional Endowment Fund, will live on in perpetuity and continue to support students in need, as well as the UWIMAA’s other worthy goals”, said Sir George Alleyne, Chair of the UWIMAA’s Endowment Committee and Chancellor Emeritus of The UWI.

UWIMAA, the brainchild of Dr. Karl Massiah and founding President (Class of 1965), was established 34 years ago in 1989. 

Dr. Karl Massiah, founding President of the UWIMAA.

The initial structure was a central secretariat supported by chapters throughout the Caribbean, United States, and Canada. The primary focus was on reunions of alumni which involved scientific sessions and enjoyable social interactions. Following a brief lull in the late 2000s, the secretariat underwent a reorganization and was revitalized by the executive team, headed by Dr. Peter Wong (Class of 1982).

“The UWIMAA is grateful for the support of alumni to date and looks forward to mobilising support from an even larger number of our alumni.” said Dr. Wong, President of the UWIMAA.

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